New Features Introduced in CIPAce™ 9.17

CIPPlanner proudly introduces the release of CIPAce™ Version 9.17, featuring groundbreaking enhancements including comprehensive business data modeling, access token functionality, and seamless integration with Power BI and Microsoft Application Insights. Additionally, minor enhancements aimed at improving user experience have been meticulously crafted for maximum productivity, including streamline workflow efficiency, document…

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New Features Introduced in CIPAce™ 9.16

CIPPlanner announces Version 9.16 of CIPAce™ with new features like Punch List Management for efficient project tracking, Adobe Sign Integration for e-signatures within workflows, and enhanced Workflow Comment capabilities, improving documentation and review processes in construction project management.
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New Features Introduced in CIPAce™ 9.15

CIPPlanner has released CIPAce™ v9.15 with new features such as improved workflow visibility, automatic notifications for new account creation, and enhanced project status management. Users can now see email notifications in workflows, generate graphical workflow diagrams, dispatch welcome emails automatically, and manage multiple project statuses with a more intuitive interface.
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New Features Introduced in CIPAce™ 9.14

CIPPlanner has launched CIPAce™ Version 9.14, featuring a new intuitive Workflow Designer, enhanced Custom Reporting capabilities, improved User Experience for Data View, and better tracking of Email Logs. These updates improve workflow visualization, report customization, email monitoring, and overall user efficiency.
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Wilmington CIPMS: Phase 1 Completion

CIPPlanner has successfully implemented Phase 1 of the City of Wilmington’s CIPAce™ application system on June 14, 2023, to enhance collaboration and management of CIP projects. This system automates city practices, offering modules for project, budget, contract, and resource management. Phase 2 is expected to begin in summer 2024.
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Fairfax County CPMIS: Phase 3 Completion

CIPPlanner announced the successful deployment of Fairfax County’s CPMIS Phase 3 system on May 8, 2023. As a rich and populous county in Virginia, Fairfax utilizes this automated system for effective capital improvement program management. CIPPlanner has delivered three phases since early 2019 and is developing Phase 4, with the…
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