Cities & Counties

We understand that every organization is unique in terms of business practices and processes as well as needs and preferences. Serving its citizens on the front line, city and county governments face many challenges and a greater demand for effective tools to manage their ever growing investments in capital improvement projects and programs.

CIPAce™ application systems tailored to individual customers’ unique requirements are well positioned to meet such needs of city and county governments can manage the Capital Improvement Planning and delivery process from beginning to end. Our application systems have enables project managers and alike to effectively manage projects and resources by incorporating agency policies and regulations with automatic workflows, processing various work activities within a CIPAce™ application system based on processes as well as environmental, community, and financial related criteria that are pre-defined in the system per customer’s policies and practices, and real-time reporting and custom dashboards based on user role. The right showcases all customers we have served in this category, past and present.

Hover below to explore examples of the diverse applications of our CIPAce™ technology.

The City of Baltimore

Fairfax County

The CIPAce™ Advantage

Generate Optimization reports based on custom criteria (Resources, Environmental Impact, Safety Impact, Legal Requirements)
Develop accurate cash flow projections across multiple projects and years
Streamline business activities, such as planning, bidding, contracting and invoicing
Automate Capital Program Management procedures and deliverables
Manage, track, and maintain funding sources using predefined or customizable settings
Enable geospatial mapping and analysis of capital projects
Extensive reporting capabilities based on your unique data
Provide the necessary tools to create a custom Capital Improvement Plan Template
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