As a corporation grows and expands, an appropriate Capital Investment Planning and Control system to support acquiring additional assets, upgrading technology and equipment, or replacing existing assets, becomes essential to safeguard the company’s capital infrastructure investment as well as continued growth and expansion.

To maximize ROI, project prioritization and cashflow forecasting are the paramount aspects of the planning phase. CIPAce establishes a centralized framework for private organizations to streamline project management processes and consolidate siloed business data and knowledge from various departments/divisions throughout project phases. A CIPAce™ application system that is tailored to a company’s business practices and processes with pre-configured business templates can provide a solid foundation for process standardization and effectiveness across a company. Such a system is typically equipped with powerful configuration tools and can be easily modified and/or expanded to accommodate the company’s growth and changing business needs. The right showcases all corporations we have served, past and present.

Hover below to explore examples of the diverse applications of our CIPAce™ technology.

GE Betz, Inc.

The CIPAce™ Advantage

Establish industry best practices on long-term Capital Investment Planning and Control system for plants and facilities to effectively maximize return on investments and prioritize investments based on corporate goals
Manage entire capital project cycles from planning to closeout, including financial planning, schedule planning, design management, bid management, construction management, to invoice and payment management
Integration with corporate financial systems for seamless accounting reconciliation
Build in design submittal and construction submittal management workflows with integration with Document Management system to automate drawing review, management, and approval processes
Proven solution that has been implemented to management billion-dollar capital management program and construction projects.
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