Transportation agencies’ responsibilities typically involve capital improvement plans for development and redevelopment of certain areas, and these new infrastructure projects require large capital investments, often from multiple funding sources. Project ranking, cashflow projections, and coordination between stakeholders are vital to ensuring successful project planning and delivery.

CIPAce™ application systems developed for Transportation agencies typically include key business processes such as complex contract management, invoice review and approval processes, including the coordination of management structures between contracts, projects, and corresponding budget constraints. Such CIPAce™ system offers a complete solution that streamlines the entire life cycle of capital program management. The main benefits that our systems bring to our transportation customers include optimal investment portfolios, lower costs, well-coordinated and accelerated schedules, and improved quality in project delivery. The right showcases all transportation customers we have served, past and present.

Hover below to explore examples of the diverse applications of our CIPAce™ technology.

NYC Department of Transportation

Indianapolis International Airport

San Francisco International Airport

The CIPAce™ Advantage

Track funding sources, disadvantaged business enterprise participation, and invoicing information
Illustrate the relationships between funding sources, projects, and related contracts
Provide an executive view of the overall airport capital improvement plans
Easy access to data such as: current project information related to budgets, estimates, change orders and fund availability
Create reports in formats required for filing with the Federal Aviation Administration and other governmental agencies
Generate Optimization reports based on custom criteria (Resources, Environmental Impact, Safety Impact, Legal Requirements)
Automate Capital Program Management procedures and deliverables
Easily pinpoint the impact of scope & estimate expansion
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