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A cloud-based, metadata-driven, low-code, and enterprise-grade software platform that is highly configurable, scalable, and adaptive to virtually all business processes and system-related requirements.

Diverse Customers,
Lasting Partnerships

A wide spectrum of customers spanning public and private sectors in many US states and abroad, from local and state governments as well as transportation agencies to Fortune 500 companies and multi-national corporations. 

Who We Are

CIPPlanner Corporation is a leading cloud-based enterprise software provider with a proven track record of over two decades in providing effective, innovative, and sustainable services to government agencies and private organizations to meet their capital infrastructure system development, implementation, and maintenance needs.

Starting in 2000 in the heart of Silicon Valley, we have become a leading provider solely committed to serving public and private entities in their capital infrastructure management system development, implementation, and maintenance needs.

We strive to implement the most innovative, yet practical, enterprise software solutions that seamlessly integrate agency-specific business processes with industry best practices, to better help optimize and advance capital infrastructure investments.

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Our continued quest for innovation and collaboration with other cutting-edge technology companies and service providers, such as Oracle, Microsoft, and ArcGIS, enables us to consistently provide more effective long-term solutions to our customers.

Current Customers


Laura K. Shearin – City of Henderson

“CIPPlanner has always been extremely easy to work with and has kept customer satisfaction at the forefront of their business dealings with the City.”…

Bill Storch – FedEx

“I can’t say enough about my experience working with CIPPlanner on our system. They are great people, do quality work — the end result…

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Latest News

Announcing CIPAce™ 10.0- Decoupling Technology and Business Platforms

We are excited to announce the release of CIPAce™ 10.0, featuring a significant architectural transformation that decouples the technology platform from the business platform. This major update enhances the system’s flexibility, scalability, and robustness, providing a more responsive and efficient solution to support organizational strategic goals and daily operations. Key Benefits of Decoupling Technology and Business Platforms: Enhanced Agility: Organizations can now respond more quickly to market changes. The business…

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New Features Introduced in CIPAce™ 9.17

CIPPlanner proudly introduces the release of CIPAce™ Version 9.17, featuring groundbreaking enhancements including comprehensive business data modeling, access token functionality, and seamless integration with Power BI and Microsoft Application Insights. Additionally, minor enhancements aimed at improving user experience have been meticulously crafted for maximum productivity, including streamline workflow efficiency, document selection, version naming automation, and interface layout refinement. These updates continue to reinforce our commitment to empowering businesses with innovative…

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New Features Introduced in CIPAce™ 9.16

CIPPlanner announces Version 9.16 of CIPAce™ with new features like Punch List Management for efficient project tracking, Adobe Sign Integration for e-signatures within workflows, and enhanced Workflow Comment capabilities, improving documentation and review processes in construction project management.
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