New Features Introduced in CIPAce™ 9.16

Punch List Management

The CIPAce™ Punchlist module enhances user’s construction project management experience by streamlining the process of identifying, tracking, and resolving punch list items that need attention before project completion.
Allows users to capture punch list items with notes and photos (or links), and associate them to specific plan sheet on plan sets as needed. This functionality enables users to document and track punch list items effectively.

Adobe Sign Integration

CIPAce™ workflow engine now supports integration with Adobe Sign to allow e-signatures to be executed and captured as part of the system workflows.  Workflow originator can now upload documents and tag them for e-signature, and approvers can complete the e-signing process at the appropriate workflow steps.
Users have the flexibility to specify documents and workflow steps that require e-signatures. Additionally, the  e-signature block can be pre-defined by users at any locations within a document.

Adobe Sign Integration

Users now have the flexibility to provide review comments within the Workflow panel during the review process.
The Workflow comments can also be included as part of the workflow notifications, providing users with greater control over workflow comments log/history.
Reasons for declining to sign a document will now be appended to the Comment field in the Workflow Panel as well, offering a comprehensive and more convenient overview of the review and decision making process.
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