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Founded in 2000 in the heart of Silicon Valley, our journey started with a custom Capital Program Management software system that was uniquely developed for a large municipality in the San Francisco Bay Area. Co-founders Wayne Xie and Emily Zhang, one with solid IT development and project management experience and the other with extensive capital program planning and budgeting management expertise, realized the tremendous potential for such an application to benefit not just one, but many organizations in need of effective tools for developing and managing their capital improvement projects and programs. With over two-decades of persistence and progressive enhancements, CIPPlanner has consistently evolved with the rapidly changing IT technologies and maintains its leading position in the marketplace for Capital Project and Program Management by continued collaboration with customers and by supporting numerous organizations in their efforts to implement cost-effective software solutions and improve the management of capital projects and programs with a comprehensive lifecycle approach.

Leveraging its leading position in the capital improvement program management marketplace, the company has successfully launched and implemented new solutions to provide a more comprehensive, end-to-end solution platform to our enterprise clients, and currently support and maintain more than $250 billion of capital projects and programs on its flagship CIPAce™ platform. With more than 90% of its customers in the public sector, the flexibility, configurability and scalability provided by the CIPAce™ architecture have enabled CIPPlanner not only to meet its customers’ unique business requirements, but more importantly to grow with the evolving and ever-changing operating environment. In seeking a more cost-effective system implementation approach, CIPPlanner has committed tremendous investments and tireless effort in transforming the CIPAce application system into a commercial-off-the-shelf software product in recent years.

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