CIPPlanner’s Business Process Optimization service focuses on refinement of our client’s Capital Improvement Program Management (CIPM) processes and integration of our CIPAce™ platform into these processes. The optimization team prioritizes areas where technology and process adjustments have the greatest impact.

Business Process Optimization

Following highlights the critical activities of the optimization process:

  • Identifying gaps and inefficiencies through reassessment of all component processes and workflows
  • Mapping process activities to organizational roles to clarify responsibilities and identify stress points
  • Mapping interrelated processes across organizations and supporting systems integrations to determine the broadest impact of proposed changes
  • Applying “best practices” workflow templates to capitalize on successful planning and implementations of capital projects
  • Defining reports that can be used to track, monitor, and analyze key performance measurements
  • Assisting in testing new processes and role definitions to determine how they will work in real-world scenarios

To ensure the optimization process is documented and executed effectively, CIPPlanner’s optimization team will deliver the following:

  • Documentation of processes with workflows, activity descriptions, and performance measurements
  • Role definitions, skill requirements, and training plans so that organizational change can be achieved in a smooth and controlled manner
  • A comprehensive plan that maps key processes within the CIPAce™ application

Business process optimization is a critical service for maximizing values delivered by the CIPAce™ platform. Customers taking advantage of this service often find improved efficiency on their CIPM processes and greater ROI on deployment of the CIPAce™ platform.

About CIPPlanner Corporation

Founded in 2000 in the heart of Silicon Valley, CIPPlanner Corporation offers a comprehensive Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Management platform for both public and private sectors. CIPAce™ enterprise platform is serving all sizes organizations from Fortune 100 companies to state and local government, utilities, and small businesses with versatile deployment options and a wide variety of solutions for different industries that will sure fit your organization’s needs.

With two-decades long persistence and progressive enhancements, today more than $250 billion of capital projects are under the management of CIPAce™. Leveraging our leading position in capital improvement program management within the marketplace, we have successfully launched and implemented business process optimization solutions to provide a more comprehensive, end-to-end solution platform to our enterprise clients.