Organically developed by CIPPlanner Corporation, CIPAce™ Software Enterprise Platform provides powerful tools and fundamental application services to automate business processes, enable a responsive and tailored interface to users, and integrate with external applications. With deep domain expertise and insight into industry best practices, CIPPlanner has designed and developed multiple infrastructure lifecycle management solutions on top of our organically developed CIPAce™ low-code software platform.

Software as a Service (SaaS)

Automate Business Processes

For over two decades, CIPPlanner has been a pioneer in SaaS computing solutions for capital owners and managers. We advocate for SaaS and welcome the opportunity to share our perspective on this delivery method. Our familiarity with this technology space is such that, if our solution suite does not fit your business processes or use cases, we are committed to help you find the right solution.

Business Process Optimization

CIPPlanner’s Business Process Optimization service focuses on refinement of our client’s Capital Improvement Program Management (CIPM) processes and integration our CIPAce platform into these processes. The optimization team prioritizes areas of an organization where the need to automate business processes and technology have the greatest impact.

System Implementation

Automate Business Processes

CIPPlanner Corporation’s market “offering” includes both solutions and services. As various CIPAce™  framework comprise our flagship solutions, System Implementation is the principal service offered by CIPPlanner Corporation to deploy these solutions. And we embody over twenty years and $250 billion of managed capital projects / programs experience in our approach to this service.

System Integration

Automate Business Processes

CIPPlanner follows an established software integration framework which strictly follows Project Management Institute’s best practices. CIPPlanner’s software platform supports integration with a wide range of popular software packages natively. Integration with these software packages only requires minimal configuration work.


Automate Business Processes

CIPPlanner Corporation offers a comprehensive training program as part of the implementation and ongoing maintenance process that has been successfully utilized by all our previous clients. Our typical training plan includes comprehensive on-site training at the end of the implementation process to address training for system administrators, training for trainers, and training for users.

System Support

Creating a Productive Work Environment

Product support, fixes, enhancements, and regular product releases are covered by the annual “Support and Maintenance” contract. Our customers can also rest assured knowing that we guarantee to stick by them in times of need. No matter the challenge or issue, we vow to provide timely, accurate solutions to all of our customers.