Municipal and utility companies have hundreds and even thousands of assets that need to be managed as cities continue to grow. Fluctuations in the useful life of these assets require budgets and project resources to constantly change and the long term projects, typical of utility and municipal capital investment planning, have a huge impact on the quality of life for local people.

CIPAce™ provides useful predictive models which can identify, within a 3-to-5-year window, the type of asset renewal that will be required and provides cost saving justification for infrastructure investments. Close management of the schedule and operational impacts assists in the decision-making process. The right showcases all customers in this category we have served, past and present.

Hover below to explore examples of the diverse applications of our CIPAce™ technology.

San Antonio Water System

Suez Group

The CIPAce™ Advantage

Generate Optimization reports based on custom criteria (Resources, Environmental Impact, Safety Impact, Legal Requirements)
Maintain Master Plans for extensive project development
Automate Capital Program Management procedures
Manage tasks across different projects, deadlines, resources, budgets and teams
Allocate capital efficiently and effectively across the entire project portfolio
Define, manage and track budgets and billing rates using predefined or customizable settings
Streamline business activities, such as planning, bidding, contracting and invoicing
Enable unification of fragmented information systems and workflows
Enable geospatial mapping and analysis of capital projects
Develop accurate cash flow projections so necessary for utility companies
Obtain reports updated in real-time Manage project labor workloads.
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