New Features Introduced in CIPAce™ 9.15

User Experience Improvement in Workflows

Allow users to view email notifications sent/received throughout the workflows right in the Workflow Log window.
Users can now visualize the entire workflow, include steps and branches, graphically within the system workflow interface. Legends are provided to help users understand the steps in the workflow status flowchart.

Automatic Notification Upon User Account Creation

System administrators now have the ability generate one-time passwords during the user account creation process.
System administrators can also dispatch welcome emails with login information to new users upon  account creation. Welcome emails can be sent either individually or dispatched in a batch.

Ability to Create Multiple Project Statuses

Users are no longer limited by a single project status field and can record multiple project statues via the enhanced user interface and customization that enable the “Multiple Project Statuses” update function.
Resource users who previously participated in a project will now be automatically populated in the dropdown resource list for users to, quickly and conveniently, select the resources as desired.
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