New Features Introduced in CIPAce™ 9.14

New Workflow Designer

Significantly improved workflow designer UI to allow intuitive graphical workflow design,  with enhanced user experience  similar to creating static flowcharts on typical desktop applications.
Users can also monitor the real-time operational status of each activity or task within the workflow flowchart. Utilizing distinct markers for different statuses, users can quickly assess the remaining activities to complete the workflow process. This feature further assists users in pinpointing critical issues that may require rapid response or resolution.

Custom Reports Enhancement

Users can now generate custom reports from any page within the system. The data fields and attributes on the page are automatically populated as data sources in the reports.
Users can now define the data fields as Data Source for specific entity and/or relevant entities, which enables them to generate customize reports with higher level of efficiency and flexibility.

Email Logs Enhancement

Email delivery status is now tracked instantly in the system, which enables users to better monitor the status of their email deliveries and quickly identify problems related to dispatching notification emails from CIPAce™. This enhancement improves the reliability of email transmissions and enables users take immediate corrective actions.
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