The CIPAce™ Reporting Engine provides a wealth of standard and customizable reporting capabilities to allow user access to virtually every data element in the CIPAce™ database. The CIPAce™ Reporting Engine plays a pivotal role in enabling decision support, performance measurement, accountability, and transparency.

Standard Reports

Standard reports are available for use immediately upon installation. The report design view allows the standard reports to be modified based on user specific needs and the reports may be produced in a variety of file formats, such as, crystal report, PDF, Word, and Excel. Standard reports are continuously updated and added to the report library based on feedback from our customers.

Custom Reports

The CIPAce™ Custom Reports module is a web-based report design tool that empowers users to develop fully customizable reports by giving authorized users access to all data elements in the CIPAce™ database. Users can query and extract data from the underlying database via a web-based query feature or SQL store procedure. Custom developed reports may be saved and published to the main application to be viewed online or subscribed to per a pre-defined schedule. Data sources may be formatted into a report-by-report generation tool, such as, Crystal Report or Excel.

Analytics Reports

The CIPAce™ Analytics Reports module empowers users to cut across clusters of plain data to gain insight into the strategic and operational perspectives of capital programs and projects on a real-time basis. This module utilizes an easy to use web-based design interface to create a graphical representation of summary data and scorecards with drill down capabilities.

Developed by CIPPlanner Corporation, CIPAce™ is a powerful business process automation and application development platform built on top of state-of-the-art software technologies.