CIPAce™ system user interfaces are rendered using the Dynamic Form foundation. Interface elements and their make-up descriptions are stored in the database and displayed accordingly. Interface descriptions can be changed at any time because they are not hard-coded into the system. Most CIPAce™ system pages are rendered using the Dynamic Form and Metadata Management foundations, which enables easy customization to most system pages.

  • Rapid application customization through adding and modifying data elements without programming effort
  • Rearrange interface design when needed using built-in graphical interface
  • Create brand-new data types and associated fields to facilitate new business processes
  • Define customized data relationships to facilitate reporting and enable data drill-down and roll-up
  • Change field labels when needed with SmartText Management to fit organizational nomenclature
  • All customer UI customization are maintained in one database for easy system upgrade
  • Create special UI behaviors by enabling script plugins

Combining CIPAce™ enterprise platform and CIPPlanner team’s deep domain expertise and insight into industry best practices, CIPPlanner offers multiple industry leading solutions for both government agencies and private enterprises.