Center to CIPAce™ Technology Platform is CIPAce™ Core Engine – a layer of system building blocks that serve as the foundation for the entire platform. CIPAce™ Core Engine enables powerful configurability, scalability, security and integration capabilities that are essential to serve today’s challenging business requirement in an enterprise environment.

  • Offers site-specific configurability with system graphical UI without custom programming
  • Configure system menus and screen forms with organization-specific nomenclatures
  • Workflow customization to perfectly conform to your unique business processes
  • Create new data field and new data containers easily for future expansions
  • Flexible data access control driven by user roles, workflow steps, or other changing circumstances
  • Control data access module-wide or down to a single data element
  • Easily create new access control rules by utilizing native graphical-based interface

Developed by CIPPlanner Corporation, CIPAce™ is a powerful business process automation and application development platform built on top of state-of-the-art software technologies.