Computerized Maintenance Management System

CIPAce™ CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Solution is a cloud-based system that centralizes maintenance information and optimizes maintenance processes for a wide range of asset classes such as vehicles, machinery, equipment, and infrastructure. Designed based on fundamentals of Asset Management, the system helps asset managers develop maintenance plan, facilitates operations, and maximizes the utilization, performance, and availability of assets.

CIPAce™ enables a new generation of CMMS that is cloud-based, highly mobile, and secure. Key capabilities offered by the system include:

  • Store, access, and share asset information and documentation including images, manuals, and IoT sensor data
  • Work order management including field work management, materials consumption, equipment usage, labor costs, and safety media
  • Identify, classify, and manage skills and knowledge of labor so that tasks can be efficiently assigned
  • Sequence and schedule preventive maintenance based on time, usage, and/or triggered events
  • Manage suppliers, materials, equipment, and inventory across storage areas and distribution centers
  • Fast and effective reporting, analysis, and auditing functions

What are the benefits of deploying CIPAce™ CMMS?

  • Visibility into asset condition information and maintenance processes
  • Workflow to assess status, assignment, and progress in real time
  • Automation to replace manual tasks such as ordering parts, reduce errors, and improve productivity
  • Streamline processes so that work orders can be viewed and tracked by all parties involved
Computerized Maintenance Management System
  • Manage field workforce to cost-effectively deploy internal teams and external partnerships
  • Preventive maintenance to enable transition from a reactive to a proactive approach
  • Knowledge transfer by preserving information of assets, repair manuals, and maintenance procedures
  • Powerful configuration engine for customizing fields, forms, data relationships, access control, dashboard, reports, workflows, and more.

About CIPPlanner Corporation

With two-decades long persistence and progressive enhancements, today more than $250 billion of capital projects are under the management of CIPAce™. Leveraging our leading position in capital improvement program management within the marketplace, we have successfully launched and implemented new solutions like computerized maintenance management system which centralizes maintenance information and optimizes maintenance processes for a wide range of asset classes.