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CIPAce Capital Program & Project Management Software

CIPAce™ Capital Program & Project Management Software is a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise solution for managing the entire infrastructure development management lifecycle from strategic planning, budgeting, financing, design, procurement to construction, project closeout and asset condition monitoring. It helps organizations streamline project and program management processes and consolidate siloed business data and knowledge from various project phases into a central database at both the project as well as portfolio level.

The system brings Internal and external stakeholders from multiple disciplines and functions under a unified enterprise management framework. It serves as a management hub that facilitates communication and collaboration among project stakeholders. Incorporating industry best practices, the system’s pre-configured business templates establish solid foundation for process standardization across the infrastructure management lifecycle. Equipped with flexible configuration tools for fields, forms, tables, data relationships, workflows, user roles, and access control, the system can easily adapt to today’s rapidly changing business environment.

The system also features a powerful Reporting Engine that enables the design of customized graphical reports that can help data analysts cut across clusters of plain data to gain insight into the strategic and operational landscape.

About CIPPlanner Corporation

Founded in 2000 in the heart of Silicon Valley, CIPPlanner Corporation offers a comprehensive Capital Improvement Program (CIP) Management platform for both public and private sectors. CIPAce™ enterprise platform is serving all sizes organizations from Fortune 100 companies to state and local government, utilities, and small businesses with versatile deployment options and a wide variety of solutions for different industries that will sure fit your organization’s needs.

With two-decades long persistence and progressive enhancements, today more than $250 billion of capital projects are under the management of CIPAce™. Leveraging our leading position in capital improvement program management within the marketplace, we have successfully launched and implemented new solutions to provide a more comprehensive, end-to-end solution platform to our enterprise clients.

CIPAce™ Capital Program and Project Management System is a comprehensive cloud-based enterprise solution for managing the entire infrastructure development management lifecycle.