CIPPlanner releases latest system upgrade: New Capabilities in CIPAce™

CIPPlanner’s Enterprise Resource Management suite of solutions are getting even more powerful; CIPAce™ version 7.9.0 was released today. With a focus on providing software capable of handling every client’s unique needs, CIPPlanner continues to enhance their industry leading solutions. The latest release is now providing CIPAce™ users with additional functions and features, including:

●Document Markup features: Add comments to annotations and manage all comments within a document. Advanced Comment Management in CDPicture, allows multiple users to simultaneously add annotations to the same document. Synchronization of Text Annotations and Comments are automatically captured into public comments on the document management page.

●Schedule Group Features: Load multiple schedules into a single schedule under the project hierarchy and manage all hierarchy schedules on the Master Schedule Mode or manage them individually on Sub Schedule or Single Schedule Mode. Tree view structure shows schedule hierarchy information on the schedule tab and allows users to copy schedules and replicate projects. Summary tasks may be set as predecessors of other tasks on the Gantt chart.

●Project Closeout Features: The project closeout page is now enabled with the same audit trail function available throughout other key CIPAce™ modules. Users can convert the project closeout page into a dynamic form to support custom field management and form layout configuration. Upload and manage documents directly to the project closeout page.

●Purchase Order Management Features: Default line items can be split on the purchase order general form and financial and fund summaries are enabled for all purchase order line items.

CIPAce™ version 7.9.0