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CIPAce™ Project Coordination Software


Optimize interdependent projects schedules and designs amongst multiple project owners based on synergies of geographic locations, internal / external restrictions and similar project components to eliminate redundant investment, speed up project deliveries, and maximize return on investment.


Lack of project information sharing and coordination opportunity intelligence analysis leads to major waste of investment dollars, loss of productivity and shorter life of capital assets.  Examples of daily challenges facing capital program owners include:


  •             The same street was cut twice within a short period of time by different organizations;
  •             Misalignment between road work with other utility projects;  
  •             Major public events occur at places with ongoing construction activities;
  •             The same asset replaced not long ago need to be replaced again due to other business drivers such as legal compliance need.
  •             Different departments procure different technology products to address similar issues.


Our Solution


        CIPAce™ Project Coordination Software provides comprehensive and complete life cycle management capabilities, including project request creation, mapping project to geospatial assets and locations, capturing coordination drivers, identify and coordinate joint opportunities and construction schedule, manage right-of-way permits, performance tracking, and maintaining geospatial asset condition and statuses.


Fully integrated with ESRI ArcGIS platform, CIPAce™ for Geospatial Enterprise Software Platform seamlessly integrates construction and project coordination lifecycle processes on top of the geospatial data your organization already manages.


Integrate Any Map Layers Directly From Your Existing GIS Solutions such as ESRI ArcGIS

Coordinate Schedule Base on Geospatial Assets Amongst Various Projects


Key benefits of CIPAce™ Project Coordination Software include:


  •             Enable organization wide project coordination best practices
  •             Identify hidden coordination opportunities
  •             Enable joint projects and cost sharing on common project components
  •             Enable enterprise wide technology, product and design standard
  •             Minimize street work and extend street life
  •             Reduce redundant construction tasks to create a greener environment
  •             Facilitate coordination among multiple project owners based on a centralized set of project data
  •             Reduce traffic congestion caused by constructions
  •             Support real-time performance measurement and analysis
  •             Integrate seamlessly with existing third-party applications such as permit, documentation and capital planning solution

                                  CIPAce™ Geospatial-Based Project Coordination Platform Solution Lifecycle



Solution Features


  •             Create Project Request - Gather project requests from multiple internal departments or external project owners to establish a project coordination planning portfolio
  •             Map Project to Assets and Locations - Map projects to existing geospatial assets impacted.  CIPAce™ integrates with your existing geospatial map layers and manages projects, assets and coordination attributes with web-based GIS maps
  •             Capture Coordination Drivers - Capture or integrate all factors and data points that may lead to coordination opportunities.  Coordination drivers may include schedule for road re-pavement, street construction restrictions, public events and common project attributes that define overlapping project location, impacted asset and technologies.
  •             Setup Coordination Projects - Locate project coordination opportunities base on shared locations and other coordination drivers.  Create master coordination project to coordinate schedule, design and joint project tasks and procurement of all sub-projects.
  •             Coordinate Projects - Manage project coordination process among internal or external project managers and owners.  Facilitate communications, track coordination statuses and enforce business process rules such as auto alert and escalations.
  •             Support Right-of-Way Permit Approval - Provide decision support to permit issuance based on location restrictions and coordination requirements
  •             Track Project Execution and Coordination Performance - Manage all aspects to execute projects, such as vendors, bids, contracts, purchase orders, invoices, resources, schedules, timesheets and assets by integrating with other CIPAce™ capital program management solutions.  Develop performance reporting to highlight project coordination effectiveness.
  •            Maintain Asset Condition and Restrictions - Once construction is completed, appropriate geospatial asset  catalogs, conditions and restrictions are placed for future project considerations   


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