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CIPAce-Grants™ Solutions is a web-based enterprise application designed to help public sector and non-for-profit organizations to manage the entire grant management process from beginning to end. No longer will your organization have to deal with disorganized array of emails, documents, and ad-hoc financial reports for your grant application process. CIPAce-Grants™ ensures efficiency, accountability, and transparency of grant management throughout their full lifecycles.


CIPAce-Grants™ Solution provides data management and information intelligence at every stage of the grants management lifecycle, from Identifying grants opportunities, evaluation, application, decision, compliance, performance measurement to reporting. CIPAce-Grants™ saves time and frustration by automatically performing and centralizing many of the administrative functions currently performed manually. As illustrated in the diagram below, CIPAce-Grants™ Solution is built on top of the CIPAce™ Enterprise Technology Platform and contains a tier of functionalities that closely align with the life cycles of grant management. CIPAce-Grants™ also provides a core tier of functionalities such as Workflow Engine and Document management to support the entire management process and application.





CIPAce-Grants™ Solution Benefits

Utilizing CIPAce™-Grant Solution elevates your organization’s overall grant management capabilities with the following benefits:


  • Following Standard and Defined Processes – Ability to enforce your organization stakeholders to strictly follow established grant management lifecycle processes with standardized procedures for grant identification, grant evaluation, application, decision, and compliance and reporting.


  • Ensure Grant Compliance – Grants often comes with conditions attached. Ensuring compliance with grant requirements is paramount to ensure funding availability. CIPAce-Grants™ Solutions continues to track grant objectives and requirements throughout the entire life of the grant, ensuring your organization do not lose the funding at any point.


  • Manage the Entire Lifecycle – Typical organizations manage grant management steps, namely application, compliance, and performance tracking, with different teams of people. Mistakes and communication inefficiencies often plagues the process hand-off. CIPAce-Grants™ Solutions manages the process from beginning to end as a complete lifecycle. With the grant management process strictly defined by the system, it ensures consistency throughout the lifecycle while providing upper management comprehensive views of every grants for better decision-making


  • Improve Transparency and Accountability – The nature of grants requires grant recipients to prove to the public funding from grants are effectively applied toward meeting grant’s goals and objectives. CIPAce-Grants™ Solutions provides complex reports for both grantors and grantees to effectively communicate how the grants are being utilized. Critical information on all grant activities within the organization is stored in one single database and become visible to all departments involved. The decision process is more streamlined and transparent, which will help reduce the political competition for the same funding among departments.


  • Real Time Performance Measurement and Analysis – Create simple and complex customized reports alike and immediately aggregate all data system-wide instead of having to gather data from multiple sources exist in different location within the organization. With accurate information available in real-time it allows your organization to make complex grant and funding decisions in a timely manner.


  • Managing All Data in a Centralize Depository – No longer do you have to chase down bits and pieces of data from multiple parties. CIPAce-Grants™ Solution acts as the virtual Project Management Office for your grant management needs.



CIPAce-Grants™ Grant Management Life Cycle Steps

CIPAce™ allows you to take complete control of the entire grant management lifecycle and gain insights to individual grants as the interplay and impacts amongst grants in their entirety. CIPAce™ manages the grant management lifecycle by the following six major steps:


1. Identify Grant Opportunities


  • Grant opportunities are stored in a centralized database with CIPAce-Grants™ Solutions for feasibility analysis
  • Grant opportunities can be setup to automatically import from various external sources, such as public database, websites, or manually entered. CIPAce-Grants™ supports a variety of data-import formats.


2. Evaluate Grant Feasibility


CIPAce-Grants™ supports a variety of automatic and manual mechanisms to identify feasible grants from the grant opportunity database:


  • Automatic grant filtering process base on conditions and attributes setup by users
  • Automatic ranking process based on a variety of attributes
  • Evaluation workflow to allow one or multiple reviewers to score grant candidates base on different sets of scoring rules or criteria, either sequentially, concurrently, or multiple-round scoring.


CIPAce-Grants™ also supports identification of Risks and Issues as well as impact analysis of grant candidates against current resources, budgetary, and schedule constrains. CIPAce-Grants™ also helps your organization to identify the risks of not securing the grant.  The system also supports workflow to perform Fit Analysis (i.e. How well a grant’s objectives fit the strategic goals of your organization), and workflow to perform Competitive Analysis (i.e. Who else are potential competitors for the same grant?).


3. Grant Application Process


  • CIPAce-Grants™ applies the full project management methodology to manage the grant application process, including assigning resources, managing document, managing schedules and milestones.
  • CIPAce-Grants™ supports the use of project templates. If your organization often applies for similar types of grants; project templates can help you rapidly administer the grant application process with a few clicks.
  • Key grant information, dates, and documents are directly linked from the grant opportunity database without having to collect redundant data for the application process.
  • Full document management capabilities are built into CIPAce-Grants™; you will no longer have to maintain different versions of application documents in different places.
  • CIPAce™ Grants supports advance reporting and notification features to allow quick application status updates and automatic notification of pending tasks and key milestones to relevant parties.


4. Grant Decision (Award/Decline)


If a grant application is declined, additional evaluations can be applied to investigate why the application was declined. CIPAce-Grants™ supports advanced reporting; allowing your organization to compile post-mortem reports for declined grant applications.  CIPAce-Grants™ manages both grant application and grant compliance processes as two major phases of a comprehensive grant "project". Once a grant has been awarded, users of CIPAce-Grants™ an now attach a grant compliance phase to the original grant application project.


Managing both application and compliance as two phases of the same project is of paramount importance because the process is often intertwined:


  • Application and compliance are often managed by two different groups of people; the transitioning process also requires management.
  • The application process may not end when a grant is awarded; sometimes additional information may need to be supplied when a grant is “conditionally awarded”.


                      5. Grant Compliance


                      • Once again, CIPAce-Grants™ applies the full project management methodology to manage the grant compliance process to ensure objectives are met in a timely manner
                      • CIPAce-Grants™’ built-in financial and funding modules ensure the utilization of grant funds meets grant’s objective and requirements
                      • The CIPAce-Grants™ Financial module also support the capability to create grant cash flow projections in order to anticipate different funding scenarios (whether grant will be renewed, will not be available, or will have to be returned unused)


                      6. Performance Measuring and Reporting


                      • Prepare periodic update reports to ensure grant’s objectives are met
                      • Track key performance matrices
                      • Track the operational efficiency of the entire grant management process
                      • Public and private reports to ensure accountability and transparencies
                      • Prepare comprehensive grant utilization reports or book for both internal and external audiences to demonstrate to the granter and public that grants are properly administered and the funding are working for them.



                      CIPAce-Grants™ Solution Core Capabilities

                      Central to CIPAce-Grants™ Solution are CIPAce™ Foundation Modules - a layer of system building blocks that serve as the foundation for the entire platform. CIPAce™ Foundation Modules, as explained below, support every step of the life cycle to provide a comprehensive grant management solution.


                      • Workflow Engine – CIPAce™ does not hard-code business logic or system process into our platform. Instead, all system process and events are driven with our Workflow Engine. It allows users to setup customized workflow tailored to each organization’s needs. A wide-variety of workflow template has been setup to cater to typical grant management workflows.


                      • Document Management - Allows all types of digital assets to be managed within the system. In conjunction with CIPAce™ Workflow Engine, complex process and procedures can be defined to handle digital assets. And with advanced document management functionalities such as version control, history tracking and advanced searching capabilities, the module is often used in conjunction with the CIPAce™ workflow engine to automate document review and approval processes. The module is highly configurable around your current processes supporting the organization structure that is best suited to your government's needs.


                      • Financial Management - Embeds financial components of project portfolios within the grant management lifecycle. The CIPAce™ Financial Management foundation handles all aspects of grant procurement finances. From grant funding projection to grant funding disbursement, CIPAce™ is able to either handle all grant-related finances as an integrated package, or integrate with external financial management software packages, CIPAce™ Financial Management foundation takes care of all your finance needs within the confine of grant management lifecycle.


                      • Schedule and Resource Management – Fully integrate Project Schedule and Resource Management function similar to that of Microsoft Project, allowing project schedule to be defined down to the very detail. CIPAce Schedule Management module excels at enabling easy schedule manipulation, analysis and comparison. Resource allocation, time allocation, ongoing progress tracking, and multiple baseline analysis are just few of the many powerful functions offered by this module. CIPAce™ also supports integration with external project management solutions such as MS Project and Primavera.


                      • Risks and Issues Management – Manages and tracks identified risks and ongoing issues at the time of evaluating grant feasibility or during grant compliance. Risks and Issues Management module combines with CIPAce-Grants™’ advanced Workflow and Notification engine, allowing your team to always be on top of any issues and risks that may jeopardize any non-compliances that may lead to funding being cut.


                      • Reporting and Dashboard – Ability to create searchable and filterable reports by utilizing any CIPAce™ system data or metadata. For more advanced reports, CIPAce™ supports Microsoft Crystal Report Writer, allowing users to instantly design reports with more complex data makeup or formatting. CIPAce™ also features an Advanced Analytics Modules, enabling users to create graphics, charts, and diagrams base on system data. All reports created can also be incorporated into user dashboards to be displayed as soon as user logs in.



                        CIPAce-Grants™ Module for American Recovery and Reinvestment Act

                      The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA) outlines strict reporting requirement for all stimulus fund recipients. A wide range of detailed data elements are required to be reported to the Federal Government's website as part of President Obama's vow for transparency.  Municipalities that are receiving or are considering applying for ARRA grants are faced with the challenge of complex data reporting requirements and audit requirements.  Is your municipality ready to meet the federal ARRA reporting requirements?  Don't get caught unprepared at the last minute and scrambling to consolidate data from multiple sources throughout your municipality.


                      CIPPlanner Corporation is proud to introduce the newest addition of American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) Grant Reporting capability.  CIPAce-Grants™ ARRA Grant Module enables you to prepare quarterly ARRA reports with only few clicks.


                      Users can associate different ARRA reporting metadata required with existing programs utilizing ARRA funds by using the primary CIPAce-Grants™ ARRA Grant Module user interface.  Once the relationship is established, ARRA-compatible reports or data transmissions can be created automatically with a few clicks.


                      The CIPAce-Grants™ ARRA Grant Module is able to transmit data not only  to, but also any system that manages state-level data collection and reporting requirements.


                       CIPAce-Grants™ARRA Grant Module is designed specifically to satisfy ARRA reporting requirements for all municipalities, transportation authorities, education institutions, utilities districts, and other public agencies.  Regardless of the type of program your organization manages: Education, Health, Education, Transportation, or other capital improvement programs, let CIPAce-Grants™ ARRA Grant Module take the complication out of your quarterly reporting obligations.




                      By using web interface, navigation, and control paradigm already familiar with CIPAce™ users, CIPAce-Grants™ ARRA Grant Module allows users to input all ARRA-reporting related data onto existing programs.  Information such as DUNS number, Congressional District, Funding Agency Code, Award Agency Code, TAS Number, and activity codes can be associated directly with programs already in CIPAce-Grants™.  ARRA data transmissions to are automatically compiled by combining existing program data. 


                      Because all program data and ARRA reporting codes are managed automatically and the system automatically checks user submission against established ARRA reporting guidelines and specifications, CIPAce-Grants™ ARRA Grant ensures transmissions prepared to is absolutely error-free.   Furthermore, since CIPAce™ is implemented with deep integration with financial systems, all subsequent data transmissions are automatically consolidated and reconsolidated.


                       CIPAce-Grants™ ARRA Grant Management functionalities allows your organization to quickly and accurately prepare quarterly submissions with zero frustration and inefficiencies.



                        Next Step

                        CIPPlanner offers a wide range of flexible options tailored to all types of enterprise customers and organizations. CIPAce™-Grant Solutions is offered as customer-hosted solution as well as Software-as-a-Service (SaaS). Our expert team of Grant Management consultants is ready to discuss with you all your needs, simply email, call us at 888-902-0248, or schedule a web demo now. 

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