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In addition to our full suit of software platform solutions, CIPPlanner also provides different consulting services to enhance your program management process. Our teams of expert business consultants, implementation consultants, software consultants, and master trainers are always at ready to provide the services you need

CPM Business Process Optimization

CIPPlanner provides business process consulting services related to optimization of your current program management processes. Our CPM Consultants has years of experience managing government programs of some of the largest municipalities in the country. By combining the our software platform with our business process optimization services, your agency can achieve the best result and efficiency for your organization’s processes.


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All CIPPlanner solutions comes with a full implementation service. Over the years CIPPlanner has developed a proven implementation procedure that is continuously refined after each client implementation. The CIPPlanner implementation service follows a core framework that is time-tested but also dynamic enough to allow it to be individually tailored to clients’ unique needs.

Our Implementation Consultants also have years of experience both working in the government sector and general IT practices, ensuring the more knowledge staff for all our implementation jobs.


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System Integration

Recognizing our client’s need to integration data from various systems, CIPPlanner also provides comprehensive system integration service. Over the years CIPPlanner has developed many standard software integration connectors for most popular software related to program management. CIPPlanner’s system integration services allows us to integrate your existing software solutions into our platforms regardless of vendors or software type.


More about system integration services and our integration tools



CIPPlanner has developed comprehensive training modules and materials for all our software solutions. Training are categorized as modules base on software license agreements.

Training are designed to be delivered via Webinars or directly onsite. Depending on client needs, training can be scheduled anytime.


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CIPPlanner Corporation offers an annual support and maintenance contract to customers. You can have the peace of mind knowing CIPPlanner is ready to go above and beyond to stand by our solutions and resolve any challenges you may have.


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