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Support and Maintenance

We offer an annual “Support and Maintenance” contract to provide ongoing support and maintenance to our customers.  Customers can rest assured knowing that we guarantee to stick by them in times of need.  No matter the challenge or issue, we vouch to provide timely, accurate solutions to all of our customers.


Normal Support Service


When time allows, our typical issue resolution service requests are responded to within the same working day, and status updates are provided within 24 hours. Unlimited on-going product support may be requested via our support phone number or email within the duration of the “Support and Solution Maintenance” agreement. All support requests are tracked internally utilizing the Issues Module of CIPAce™ .


Support Levels


  • Level 1 Support: A customer may report a problem via phone or email to our general support center. Level 1 support resolves minor issues that prevent customers from using the software to perform daily duties. The issue is immediately logged and assigned a case number. Most issues are updated and resolved within 24 hours.
  • Level 2 Support: If our Level 1 support center cannot resolve the issue, or if the issue cannot be resolved within 24 hours, the issue is automatically escalated to our Level 2 Support. This support level consists of a team of senior product engineers. An engineer will be assigned to the case and proceed to understand the nature of the issue. A patch or full correction will be provided within a reasonable period of time to resolve the issue.
  • Level 3 Support: If an issue is catastrophic in nature, our Level 3 Rapid Response support team, consisting of engineers from all functional development groups, will immediately assemble to form a solution or necessary course of action.


Hours of Support


  • Minor Issues: We provide standard support from 8am-5pm (PST) Monday through Friday (excluding holidays) via phone and email. Reports called in after normal business hours will be responded to within the next business day. Emails will also be monitored on Saturdays and Sundays.
  • Emergency Issues: Issues urgent in nature will be responded to via phone and email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.


Product Enhancements


Product support, fixes, enhancements, and regular product releases are covered by the annual “Support and Maintenance” contract without additional charges. All updates to our products are automatically delivered to all our clients as soon as they become available.


Premium Support Service


Premium Support service is available should an issue of catastrophic nature occur; however, this service has not been requested to date.

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