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Budget Management


CIPAce™ Budget Management Module provides functionality to manage the approved funding allocations for projects within project portfolios. The module takes the result created by Funding Allocation module and designates the final allocations for the budget period as an official budget.


CIPAce™ Integrated Budget Management Process

As an integrated module of CIPAce™, Budget Management Module is configured to function as a stand-alone budget management tool. The module manages both workflow and reporting needs for a program’s budget production. A program budget’s review, modification, and approval process can all be managed within the CIPAce™ Budget Management Module. In addition, unlimited number of budget modifications can be created within the module to establish audit trail.


Integration with Budget Management Tools

CIPAce™ Budget Management Module can be used as a stand-alone capital budget management tool or as an integration point with the any third-party budget management tools. As an integration module, CIPAce™ Budget Management Module supports a complete set of import and export tools with minimal configuration required.


Line Item Promotion Budgeting

CIPAce™ Budget Management Module also supports item budget approval process utilized by some program management processes. This function enables management and tracking of the approval/authorization process for budgets associated with each phase of the project development individually, and linking each line item to the total budget for the project. This feature allows an organization to budget for right-of way acquisition, design, construction and testing separately.



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