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Project Management 

The Project Management side of any government knows that the schedule and resources constraints of capital project execution are less flexible than funding limitations.  In northern governments if your schedule misses the warm weather construction season no amount of money will move the project forward.  During these current times of reduced and constrained operating budgets that require reductions of force, capital projects will not move forward if the engineering personnel resources are insufficient.  You may have capital funding but if you don't have the engineers to bid and manage the projects they wont move forward. 


Because of its flexibility and simplicity the most common project management tool in state and local government space is a spreadsheet.   The spreadsheet market share of the public sector project management is larger than all other products combined.   3rd party vendors often do the heavy information management lifting.  The flexibility of the spreadsheet allows the public sector project or program manager to easily gather information from external vendors and internal sources and synthesized the information required to manage a public sector project.   Sharing that synthesized information or rolling it up across the program continuously in the spreadsheet environment is extremely difficult.  These limitation are painful for the public agency manager.





The CIPAce™ Schedule and Resource Management module that provides a flexible, simple, and straight-forward process to gather, synthesize, manage and distribute capital project schedule and resource information.  Special attention is given to rolling up schedule information by program, department, or funding source.  The key is rolling up project status in the way the your jurisdiction measures progress or performance.  Your agency can do this wholly within the module or can import schedule information contractors provide in MS Project, Primavera or other scheduling tool.  Then you can use the module to roll up the major milestones. 


The features of the Schedule and Resource Management Module of CIPAce™ include:



  • sub projects with parent child relationships
  • Gant chart with Critical Path information.
  • Schedule Baselines
  • Project Status Reporting



Resource Management

If your agency capitalizes the time of some professionals, the time sheet features of the Schedule and Resources module enables the assignment and management of resources as part of the project planning and management function. The time sheet feature allows staff or any relevant parties related to projects to record their time-spent on projects and track the associated labor costs in real time.  The module also allows analysis of planned or actual commitment to ensure project execution. 


Program Schedule features

The rollup features of Schedule and resource can enable your organization to synthesize, standardize and manage schedule and resource information in a number of way as your Capital Program Management processes evolve including:


  • Creation of standard project schedule templates with major project milestones
  • Easy management of these schedule templates on current projects.  For example if a key environmental approval process goes from a one month duration to a 3 month duration.  All projects that have not completed that milestone can be automatically updated. 
  • Resource loan management and justification.  By using standard schedules and duration time commitment for key millstones can be estimated and managed.  For example the module can roll up planned project manager commitments for design review.  The module will report that the plan which can be funded calls for six design reviews per month however given reductions in force the capacity of the department is three.  This could be the justification of capitalize certain costs in order to execute the projects that have been funded. 
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