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CIPAce™ Enterprise Platform


CIPAce™ is a powerful business process automation and application development platform built on top of state-of-the-art software technologies developed by CIPPlanner® Corporation.  Combing CIPAce™ enterprise platform and CIPPlanner™ team’s deep domain expertise and insight into industry best practices, CIPPlanner™ offers the leading solution platform for Capital Program Management to government agencies and major organizations to develop and maintain their competitive infrastructures.  CIPAce™ is a powerful enterprise-class software suite that serves as the foundations for all business solutions offered by CIPPlanner™,  including Enterprise Capital Program Management, Capital Planning and Budgeting, Capital Project and Program Management, Contract Management and ARRA Reporting.


CIPAce™ Portfolio Management Platform Framework



CIPAce™ Core Engine


Center to CIPAce™ Platform is CIPAce™ Core Engine - a layer of system building blocks that serve as the foundation for the entire platform. CIPAce™ Core Foundation enables powerful configurability, scalability, security and integration capabilities that are essential to serve today’s challenging business requirement in an enterprise environment. CIPAce™ Core Engine consists of several fundamental components

Generic Business Processes


Built on top of CIPAce™ Core Engine is the Generic Business Processes layer, which is a layer of software functionalities that helps users manage the entire life cycle of business processes. CIPAce™ Application composes of two categories of functionalities: Generic Processes layer and CPM-Specific Processes. Generic Process Functionalities serve multiple purposes and be deployed in many aspects or steps of the entire business life cycle while CPM-Specific Processes layer serve single or specific purpose and are deployed in specific aspects or steps within the entire business life cycle.



CPM-Specific Business Processes


At the outer layer of the CIPAce platform architecture is the Specific Processes Layer. Specific Processes layer serve single or specific purpose and are deployed in specific aspects or steps within the entire business life cycle.


CIPPlanner Corporation CIPAce Enterprise Platform
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