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Schedule and Resource Management


The CIPAce™ Schedule and Resource Management is a powerful module that provides a simple straight-forward process to develop a project schedule that can be directly accessed through CIPAce™. CIPAce™ Schedule and Resource Management provides users a method to develop a multi-layer plan with a parent child relationship. The module also allows definition of resource requirements and then presenting the overall plan in a Gant chart with Critical Path information.


The CIPAce™ Schedule and Resource Management module supports multiple schedule baseline features allowing performance metrics to be applied to projects schedules, providing enhanced project delivery predictability and accountability. Predefined schedule templates are also provided in this module.


Within the module Project Managers may also create periodic status reports online to summarize project status and outline project schedules. Project status structure is configurable according to your organization's needs. As project status is updated throughout the entire implementation process, a history of the project progress is also retained as well.


Timesheet Management

CIPAce™ Schedule and Resources module supports integrate timesheet management function. It enables the assignment and management of resources as part of the project planning and management function. The time sheet feature allows staff or any relevant parties related to projects to record their time-spent on projects and track the associated labor costs in real time.


Microsoft Project Technology

Developed base on Microsoft Project foundation, CIPAce™ Schedule and Resource Management module utilizes Active X technology that presents the already-familiar Microsoft Project system interface directly within CIPAce™ with no additional software required. If your organization already utilizes Microsoft Project, the CIPAce™ Schedule and Resource Management module can seamlessly import and export all your existing Microsoft® Project files.


Enable Best Practices

CIPPlanner® developed the CIPAce™ Schedule and Resource Management module by observing Project Management Institute’s project management best practices and Microsoft Project standards. By integrates industry best practices into CIPAce™ program management platform, the software can assist in transforming your organization’s program management process into best practices.




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