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Reporting Engine


CIPAce™ Reporting Engine provides a wealth of standard and customizable reporting capabilities to allow user access to virtually every data element from the CIPAce™ database.  CIPAce™ Reporting Engine plays a pivotal role in enabling decision support, performance measurement, accountability and transpancy.  On one hand, users needs to quickly produce meaningful and accurate reports out of box without having to go through a tedious reporting generating process; on the other hand, users need to be empowered to analyze and report data following a variety of criterias and formats based on the ever changing business requirements.  CIPAce™ Reporting Engine provides the following three major reporting functionalities to support different levels of reporting needs:  



Standard Reports

This continuously updated core library of publication type reports has numerous pre-made reporting templates covering all aspects of business processes that CIPAce™ manages, such as capital planning and budgeting, capital project and program management, fund management, contract management and procurement management. 


Standard reports are available for users to use immediately after the installation of CIPAce™ Software.  Each standard report comes with a filtering form to allow user to specify the data to be included in the report.  Reports may be produced in a variety of file format, such as crystal report, PDF, Word and Excel.  


Standard reports are continously updated and added into the report library based on continuous feedback from our customer base.   Users also have access to a report design view to modify the standard report based on their specific needs.



Custom Reports

The Custom Reports module is a web-based report design tool that empowers users to develop fully customizable reports.  The Custom Report functionality essentially gives authorized user access to all data elements available in the CIPAce™ database.  Users can query and extract data from the underlying database via a web-based query feature or SQL store procedures, Data source generated may be formatted into a report by report generation tool such as Crystal Report or Excel.  Custom developed reports may be saved and published to the main application and be viewed online or subscribed by interested users per pre-defined schedule.   



Dashboard and Analytics Reports

CIPAce™ Dashboard and Analytics Reports module empowers users to cut across clusters of plain data to gain insight into the strategic and operational landscape on a real time basis. This module allows users to go through an easy to use web-based user design interface to create graphical representation of summary data and scorecard with drill down capabilities.  When decisions have to be made, a dashboard will quickly prove its worth by providing valuable insight into your key data, often by "telling the story" in just a split second.  For example, is the deferred project dollar amount going up or going down?  What is the percentage of change order as a percentage of the total contract on a monthly basis?   Is the workload for a specific type of resources going up or down?  The Dashboard and Analytics Reporting will give you the answer at your fingertip.

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