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Portal and Dashboard Management


With CIPAce™ Portal and Dashboard Management function, everything you need to see to do your job can be configured to display within the same screen, allowing regular you to perform your tasks quicker.  Managers can configure dashboards to see at a glance what projects are not hitting their performance measures and need their attention.



Configuration of Portal and Dashboard Management portal templates is an easily drag and drop process that can be continually adjusted to meet seasonal needs.  


The Portal allows you to freely configure the first screen that is displayed when you log in.  The screen is designed by you with  blocks of space laid out with the information that most relevant to your role. Within each block a wide variety of information can be then be attached to, for example:


  • Generic system report or advanced analytic dashboard report linked to specific parameters (current user ID, current date, or a wide variety of other fields or values)
  • Pending job within the system
  • Notifications and Workflow items
  • Frequently-accessed links
  • Or any other user generated contents…


Generic Portal dashboard templates can be setup within the system to provide default Portal views base on user group or user role. Contents within the portal can be easily modified by regular system user with minimal training required.



Dashboard Configuration

Dashboard Configuration requires advanced knowledge of standard IT systems.  With this knowledge the module can provide advanced management dashboards supporting a variety of performance measures and status reports.  The dashboards can utilize SQL queries directly within CIPAce™ system. Once created these dashboards can become part of the portal configuration by user or role enabling a wide audience for highly syntisized data that looks deep into the Capital Program Management process of your government.  Some examples of the types of dashboard that can be created are:  :


  • Daily, weekly, or monthly management dashboard view
  • Overall project status dashboard report
  • Project manager workload dashboard
  • Dashboard that pulls data from other data sources




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