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Third-Party Software Integration


Fundemental to CIPAce™’s Program Management Platform is the ability to serve as the centralized software integration environment for all systems your organization is utilizing. CIPAce™ achieves full third-party software integration by utilizing CIPAce™ Third-Party Integration Connector, CIPAce™ Extended Financial Integration Module and CIPAce™ Web API.


CIPAce™ Third-Party Integration Connector

CIPPlanner® has developed many native software integration connectors base on client request and years of working with various external partners. CIPAce™ Core is able to natively integration with many popular financial management, project management, document management and Geographic Information Systems. A sample list of CIPAce™ Third-Party Integration Connectors including:


  • MS Project Professional
  • MS Project Server
  • Primavera P6
  • Primavera Expedia
  • Oracle Financial
  • Oracle Peoplesoft
  • Oracle J.D. Edwards
  • ESRI ArcGIS Server
  • ESRI ArcIMS Server
  • Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Laserfiche


Many other Third-Party Integration Connectors are available or currently under development.


CIPAce™ Extended Financial Integration Module

CIPPlanner® recognizes that financial management is central to any program management process, and every organization has its unique way of managing its financials. To provide the ability to seamlessly integrate with any number of external financial management software that may already be highly customized to fit each organization’s needs, CIPAce™ Core integrates with external financial management software by utilizing CIPAce™ Extended Financial Integration Module.


CIPAce™ Extended Financial Integration Module is developed base on CIPAce™ Web API technology. The module features standard connection interface with major financial management solutions such as Lawson, SAP, or PeopleSoft. Within the Financial Integration Module is a two-way data parsing engine which enables the validation, translation and transformation of information between CIPAce™ and any external financial application.



CIPAce™ Extended Financial Integration Module Process Flow



By utilizing CIPAce™ Extended Financial Integration Module, regardless of how your organization customizes your financial management system, any uniqueness in your organization’s financial process can be translated and configured within the Financial Integration Module.



CIPAce™ relies on its CIPAce™ Web API tool for integration with other third-party applications. Web API utilizes web services API, providing a mechanism that facilitates the exchange of data over internet/intranet. Using open protocols and interfaces, CIPAce™ Web services removes the complexity usually associated with the exchange of data between different applications.


The CIPAce™ Web API is not only proven effective in many of our previous implementations, but also constructed to the highest standards. The CIPAce™ Web API, while powerful, is also secure against data tempering. The CIPAce™ API service is protected to ensure that only authorized CIP users use it. There are four levels/options of security:

  1. A required API username (username field) and API password (password field)
  2. A third required authentication mechanism, which is either one of the following:
    • Client-side request signing via a CIP-issued API certificate
    • Request authentication via an API signature included in the request
    • An optional third-party authorization to make the API call on some other account's behalf
    • Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) data transport
  3. A failure of authenticated security at these levels denies access to the CIPAce™ API services.

Regardless of what third-party application your organization is using, even those that are not under standard support by CIPAce™, it is easy to integration with CIPAce™ by utilizing our standard CIPACe™ Web API technology.


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