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System Utilities


As a powerful program management platform, CIPAce™ allows a great deal of flexibility and access to most system parameters and settings using a wide variety of utility-tools by system administrators. The utilities provide features that enable an administrator to manage and configure CIPAce™ effectively using a graphical user interface. Through system utilities, an administrator can manage user account, user access, basic system settings, manage custom fields and SmartText™, create advanced classification, and manage system audit trails.


User Management

The User Management module manages all user account under CIPAce™ framework. This module allows an administrator or high-level user to setup an account, configure an account group, and manage user accounts and its associated system access type. CIPAce™ User Management module not only supports its own complete internal user management database, but also integration with Microsoft® Active Directory™ domain account authentication. With Active Directory integration, all user login information is automatically synchronized with your organization’s existing user authentication framework.


User Access Configuration

CIPAce™ features a powerful and flexible rule-based access control over the entire application framework. From an overall module level down to the detail of individual fields, and from a specific type of data to an individual data record or data element. Administrators can define access rights of any system elements for a single user, a user group, or a user role. Using the CIPAce™ User Access configuration function, an administrator can setup complex user access scenarios to fit an organization’s needs. For example, an administration can setup access such that it allow a user access to Project A and Project E in the project module but not any other projects or features throughout the program. All access setup can be done by using simple rule expressions.


Standard Utilities

This module enables configuration of a wide variety of system parameters, such as:


  • Setting the name of the organization
  • Set up fiscal year calendars
  • Set up new planning cycles and pull historical planning information into the new cycle to establish a baseline data set.
  • Review user login and logout history.
  • Configuration of drop down lists.
  • Backup and restore database from a user-friendly web interface.


Custom Field and SmartText™ Management

While CIPAce™ framework modules provide standard user interface that are designed accordingly to industry best practices, additional customization may be required depending on the needs of each organization. CIPAce™ framework custom field and SmartText functions allow easy-to-use customization and expansion of any existing CIPAce™ system user interface.


With Custom Field function, administrators can setup new data fields on data entry forms for various business entities such as proposals, projects, funds, fund groups, and documents. The data fields can be of wide array of types including, but not limited to, text, number, currency, date, drop down list, and hyperlinks. Users may utilize this feature to include additional data elements that are not part of the standard configuration of CIPAce™ templates.


While most program management processes utilizes the same terminologies, some organizations may develop its own unique nomenclature to describe steps within its processes. CIPAce™ utilizes SmartText technology for all labels in its UI elements. By using the SmartText management feature within the administrator tools, administrators are able to customize field terminologies, program messages and instructions throughout the CIPAce™ program. The module also allows users to add or modify text in the help files to match the terminology and processes employed by your organization.


Advanced Classification Management

This module allows creation of multi-layer classification structures from a web interface to classify any data captured by CIPAce™. The module allows creation of a multi-layer classification on a web form that is similar to the interface of creating multi-layers of folders and sub-folders at Windows Explorer. Once a classification structure is created, it can be deployed in a variety of areas within CIPAce™ to classify various data.


Audit Trail Management

This module track changes to data elements users made to projects, funds, allocations and budgets all the way down to the data field level. The history of the audit trail can be viewed on data forms and can also be searched using an audit trail search interface. Administrators can easily identify who made modifications at what time via which screen, as well as the field value before and after the change.


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