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CIPPlanner Corporation Launches CIPAce™ Geospatial Project Coordination Solution Version 6.3 

Santa Clara, California
– November 7, 2011 - CIPPlanner Corporation, a leader in cloud-based infrastructure planning and Program Management software solutions, today announces the official launch of its Geospatial Project Coordination Solution version 6.3 as the latest solution upgrade in its diverse portfolio of solutions based on the powerful CIPAce™ software enterprise platform.

CIPAce™ Geospatial Project Coordination Software optimizes interdependent projects schedules and designs based on synergies of geographic locations, internal / external restrictions and similar project components. As one of the key building blocks of CIPAce™ Enterprise Software Platform, this web-based, geospatial driven solution creates win-win situations among multiple project owners by enabling joint projects, eliminating repetitive investment on redundant project components, speeding up project deliveries and minimizing interference with citizens and users.  

Lack of project information sharing and coordination opportunity intelligence analysis leads to major waste of investment dollars, loss of productivity and shorter life of capital assets.  CIPAce™ Geospatial Project Coordination Solution will be able to address the following challenges that major project portfolio owners face every day:

  • The same street was cut twice within a short period of time by different organizations;
  • Misalignment between road work and other utility projects;
  • Major public events occur at places with ongoing construction activities;
  • The same asset replaced not long ago need to be replaced again due to other business drivers such as legal compliance need.
  • Different departments procure different technology products to address similar issues.

Different departments procure different technology products to address similar issues.This new version release will support unlimited types of different asset classes.  Different project owners will be able to submit and maintain their corresponding GIS base layers and define who can access to what information of these layers.  Projects with locations defined by different GIS base layers will be able to automatically relate to one another geographically.  Project managers will be able to use human languages like 1000 to 2000 Main Street to easily define project locations. 

As a solution especially tailored to government right-of-way management, CIPAce™ can be implemented in days and not weeks or months.  Built on top of the powerful CIPAce™ Enterprise Software Platform, CIPAce™ Geospatial Project Coordination Software gives users the power to configure the application to keep up with the ever changing business needs on an ongoing basis.

About CIPPlanner Corporation

CIPPlanner Corporation develops CIPAce™, a next generation enterprise application platform that powers an integrated suite of infrastructure development solutions, including Capital Planning and Budgeting, Enterprise Capital Project and Program Management, Project Coordination, Vendor Portfolio Management, Grant Portfolio Management and Contract Portfolio Management.  With more than US$100 billion capital investment and tens of thousands of projects under management, CIPAce™ is at the rapid growth stage of its product life cycle since its debut in 2005.  CIPAce™ enterprise platform is serving all sizes organizations from Fortune 100 companies to local government, utilities and small businesses.


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