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Santa Clara, California – January 29, 2013 - CIPPlanner Corporation, a leader in Capital and Program Management software solutions, today announces the release of Version 6.5 of its CIPAce™ Application Suite.


The latest release introduces two new important enhancements: Geospatial Project Coordination functions and greatly expanded international support. Other enhancements to existing system modules include improved user interface customization capabilities, workflow configurability, automatic notification functions, new flexibilities in system-wide financial functions, system dashboard capabilities, and new document management capabilities.


The Geospatial Coordination functions are the natural next-steps that have been realized in CIPAce™ development roadmap. For many public agencies, the lack of project coordination amongst various departments is the number one cause of productivity and financial waste. Inefficiencies such as cutting the same street twice within short periods of time or planning major events on top of detours of major construction events are just few of the many problems plaguing many public agencies. The new GIS Project Coordination functions enhance client organization’s planning capabilities by resolving potential geographical and timing conflicts and finding coordination opportunities.


In addition to the enhancement on geospatial coordination, this new version of CIPAce™ also introduces a multitude of new enhancements. Some of the more than 100 major functionality enhancements include:


  • Enhancement on ease of use and maintenance of multi-language and multi-currency support;
  • User dashboard customization and management;
  • New markup feature and dynamic document support in the Document Management module;
  • Greatly enhanced flexibilities in the Financial Scoping module;
  • New third-party financial integration capabilities;
  • Business process tracking and process status notification;
  • Task assignment management and tracking;
  • Report data retrieval and analytics report customization;
  • Project-oriented and user-specific email and file attachment management and tracking;
  • Customizable business objects in budgeting;
  • Enhanced dynamic UI support.


To learn more about the latest features and enhancements CIPAce™ has to offer, or to experience CIPAce™ for the first time, contact your account manager or our sales office at 1-888-902-0248 or


About CIPAce™ - CIPAce™ is the leading web-based enterprise class Capital Program Management software in the market. Developed with state-of-the-art technologies, CIPAce™ manages more than 10,000 capital projects worth more than 50 billion US dollars for major government agencies.


About CIPPlanner Corporation - CIPPlanner Corporation, headquartered in Santa Clara CA, with engineering office in Phoenix, is a leading provider of web-based enterprise class software for Capital Program Management for the public sector including major US municipalities, transportation authorities, utility districts, airports and state agencies. Contact CIPPlanner sales office at 888-902-0248, , or visit for more information.

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